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ReScape Firescaping Qualification Training (FQT)
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT
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Resilient Regenerative Firescaping Qualification Training (FQT)

Dates: October 20, 21, 2020 | Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Format: Live Online Training | We have reached our registration limit, registration has closed. Please register for our November FQT.

California continues to face increasingly damaging and brutal wildfire seasons. Public agencies and jurisdictions throughout the state are trying to address this unprecedented crisis with better preparation and approaches to build community resilience and reduce damage. ReScape is helping to address this crisis with our newest qualification training, Resilient Regenerative Firescaping

In 2018, California experienced its most destructive wildfire season on record. More than 25 million acres of California wildlands are classified as very high or extreme fire threats—a risk area covering more than half the state. By 2100, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, one study found that the frequency of extreme wildfires burning over approximately 25,000 acres would increase by nearly 50 percent, and that average area burned statewide would increase by 77 percent by the end of the century. In the areas that have the highest fire risk, wildfire insurance is estimated to see costs rise by 18 percent by 2055 and the fraction of property insured would decrease. The warming climate and shifting precipitation patterns have lengthened California’s fire season and contributed to an increase in larger fires.

This new program educates, aligns and empowers public agencies, commercial and institutional property owners, and landscapers to work collaboratively across departments and organizations to implement whole-systems firescaping strategies to protect people, assets and our future welfare

ReScape’s Resilient Regenerative Firescaping Qualification Training (FQT) is based on our 8 Principles for Regenerative Landscapes (8 Principles) and establishes a more sustainable long-term approach to managing fire hazards beyond current vegetation management practices. The course provides comprehensive best practices in regenerative landscaping, specifically oriented to reducing fire hazards and preparing cities and large property owners/managers for safety before, during and after a firestorm. It offers cities and communities a pragmatic framework to limit wildfire damage by developing and managing landscapes, advocating for maintenance on others, and supporting property owners to design, build and maintain for fire.

ReScape’s 8 Principles approach to firescaping protects properties and landscapes and considers the best practices to mitigate climate change and create beauty with carbon landscaping, green infrastructure, waste plant debris prevention and decrease in landfill costs, regenerative landscape features, water capture and purity, embodied energy reduction and cost and maintenance savings.

Who Should Attend this Training
  • Public Agency Department Employees – City/County: Who design, maintain, and protect infrastructure and protect people. Examples: fire, emergency services, public works, facilities, parks and recreation, community development, building and planning departments, etc.
  • Commercial/institutional property owners, land managers: Who design and/or maintain multi-family homes, hospitals, school properties, and other large buildings, properties and/or their landscapes. Examples: landscape architects, designers and maintenance teams, asset, finance, and property managers, insurance agents, etc.
  • Anyone responsible for programs, policies and procedures, compliance of above


The Training Includes 

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 - Landscape Design Qualification Training 

 - Landscape Maintenance Qualification Training

 - Rated Landscape Training 

 - Advanced Professional Landscape Workshops

 - 8 Principles Webinar

  • Two four-hour interactive live online sessions with robust conversations and activities with the instructor and colleague
  • Strategies for fire protection using fire safety zones and defensible space principles
  • Lessons and discussions on fire resistant plant selection, biological enhancements and maintenance vegetation modification techniques to reduce property vulnerability to wildfire
  • Technical guidelines on how to protect and manage six types of California Urban Landscapes
  • Specifics on firescaping compliance with local and state ordinances and regulations
  • Best firescaping practices to mitigate climate change and create beauty
  • Resources with contacts, book lists, and articles with the most up-to-date comprehensive information on firescaping program best practices
  • Plans and exploration on how to create and manage a comprehensive firescaping program with community support that saves money, stress, and most importantly- lives
  • Tools to implement immediate next action steps to create and manage a comprehensive firescaping program

 About the Instructor
The Firescaping Qualification Training (FQT) will be taught by Douglas Kent, author of the best-selling book on landscaping for fire protection, “Firescaping, 2nd Edition.” Doug began his work in fire protection in Mill Valley (CA) in 1993. Since then he has been on the front line of many fires, traversed the remains of most of the state’s worst fire, and interviewed experts across the state. Kent has worked for 15 years with cities, NGOs, private companies, and utilities across California on a variety of projects. From risk assessments to landscape prescriptions, motivational public presentations to videos and webinars, he has dug his hands in soot filled soils, learned a tremendous amount, and is motivated to create a resilient and formidable California. With two Master’s degrees in land management, Kent has written seven other books, and his work has appeared in such publications as, CNN Comcast, Coastkeeper Magazine, Fine Gardening, HGTV, Marin Independent Journal, Los Angeles Times, National Wildlife, Pacific Sun, Sonoma Press Democrat, Southern Sierra, Sunset magazine, and all of the Marin Scope newspapers. 

Registration is now closed. Register for our november training Date.

Scholarships available for employees of StopWaste, reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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